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Cherry Pen (체리펜)

my old reliable... one of my all-time favorite pens that's been by my side since i first started using CSP when i was 15. it's used in god knows how many of my works. i guess there's just something about the way it draws that really appeals to me.
(costs 10 clippy)

Ballpoint Pens

pretty self explanatory. it mimics the texture of a ballpoint pen, and does so pretty well! it comes in a pack of 4 but i mostly just use the first brush. great for doodles and handwriting.

hypocrite pen

no idea why it's called that, but it's got this really nice crunchy texture to it that i'm a fan of! i've used it for lineart of characters who i want to have a more "creepy" vibe.

Easy KK Pen set (やさしいkkペン[セット])

a good variety of soft-textured pens in this one! i'm personally a big fan of 1 and 3 for their bumpy, almost pencil-like texture.


sort of marker-like. as noted on its page, it's great for lineart and has a bit of a fluctuating opacity!


Cheese Pencil Pack

a very new addition to my collection but a beloved one nevertheless. the usage examples on the page are what really sold me on it tbh

Malenfen (말랑펜)

draws kind of similarly to "cherry pen" except has more of a fuzzy texture.
(costs 10 clippy)

Rainbow Sketch Dook

brush with a rainbow, sort of 3d-like effect on it. it honestly just looks rad as fuck to me. great for "trippy" pieces!


this one is a great balance of bold and well-textured- i find i often have to sacrifice one for the other lol

SUCream Pencil

also has a good balance of boldness and texture, but a bit more... well, creamy than 6pencil.


Marker Pen (マーカーぺん)

looks pretty much exactly like a marker that's juuuust starting to run out of ink! makes doodles feel more like doodles

Marker Gadom

i tend to use it for coloring even though that's not what it's meant for.... oops?

Coloring pen (채색펜)

a rather simple and straightforward marker brush- the multiply effect makes it especially marker-like.



lovely simulation of acrylic-y paint strokes. please check out the sample pieces for this one, they're beautiful.

soft fluffy paint

the name says it all. also sort of marker-like. (costs 10 clippy)

Hoarse oil (かすれ油彩)

i like this one because it's sorta watercolor-y but still fairly opaque.


just as the description says: a translucent brush that is good for painting with a light glowy effect.

color variation (variacion de color)

changes up the color a bit with each stroke to give a more authentic painting look!

decor / effects


for when you can't quite get the heart shapes juuuust right- or when you're simply feeling lazy.

Dot Glitter

these make the cuuuuuutest little decorations when you use them right!!!

Pastel Menhera Pills

because i am predictable.

Scar Brush ver. 2 (傷ブラシ ver.2)

i really struggle with getting the shape/outline of scars right, so this brush is a huuuge help.

simple circles brush

very convenient for drawing things like beaded bracelets or necklaces!

Star brushes (星ブラシ)

idk about you, but for some reason it's really hard for me to draw a good looking star. here's my little cheat for that.

Pressure-sensing simple splash (筆圧感知シンプルしぶき)

creates a nice "bokeh" sort of effect; i've used it for things like sparkly clothing.

Simple Piping Brush

no more of the ol' selection from layer > create selection > expand selected area routine.


to clarify; by "materials" i mean brushes that are meant to draw physical objects for you, like lace or chains.
since they're all pretty self-explanatory, i won't include descriptions for most of them.

lace (레이스)

Clothing Ruffles(?) (Vuelos de Ropa)

A lot of cloth and ruffle brushes

Ruffle Edges

Rope brush

Freckles brush

Tights Brush (タイツブラシ)