two-frame animation of my sona waving

LAST UPDATED: 6/17/2024

(hi! this site is a constant WIP. it's a mess. sorry about that lol)

my name is spider and this is my very own site that i will be slooowly building over time! this will serve as my little digital getaway where i can just chill, code, and uh... idk, whatever else i end up doing here! i'll figure it out eventually. this site was made in firefox and designed to look good on desktop, mobile users cope

i am kind of obsessed with yami kawaii and that will likely show in my site's aesthetics. i hope you like eyeballs!!!!!!

p.s. i'm doing artfight this year, team seafoam!! my profile is linked in the artfight icon below :3

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mini profile pixel art of my sona's head

spider, he/him, 20, graphic design major

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